almost called him cadel...

might give all the regular perth folk a shot at some gumtree/ebay bargains now ay… :wink:

congrats man, glad to see the new arrival is well, guessing mum is too?

congrats jase!

So what did ya call him? If you dont mind me asking.


have more than three and the older ones start looking after the younger ones and time re-appears

Congratulations Jase.

Whoever told you that two kids was twice the work was lying too - it’s way more than that, but all good fun providing you can get some time on your bike every now and then. My rollers have never been used so much.

Have fun.

Congrats! Two is twice as much work, but twice as much fun.

Yes it does, I can attest to that.

Congrats man, as projects go that’s one that will keep you and the GLW working hard for at least the next 18 years.
Kids are all about phases. when you are in the middle of a phase you look forward to it ending, only to find it replaced by another,and another, and they don’t get simpler as they get older either. I’m competing alongside my 12 year old in the second 6 hr pedal prix this weekend with his school. Him in primary cat and me in open class. That is some of the cool stuff you have to look forward to.
Well done to your partner, after all she’s the one who did the hard bit.

yeah, that’s pretty rad alright.

hope you beat them.

cheers again boys! appreciate it!

as for the name, Jonas - 3.8kg - 51cm. His sister was was 3.75kg and 51cm. She was chubbier, he’s skinneir, so i guess he’s big boned!

YAY!!! He is a Weezer Kid!

Congrats Jase.

I thought having one dog was hard enough, but i can imagine two kids are way harder!

I remember when I had my second, can’t replace that feeling man.

10,000 went straight to the bike.

Idk what it’s like to have babies and that, so no opinions to share. But like, enjoy the baby. Jonas is a sweet name, like Nick Jonas.

second what?

baby. Duhh, this whole thread is about babies.

18 mths into the dog, now just on top of it I think, next up jr ~1mth to go…, apparently no cadel or evans references are to be considered, but it beats trying to get a Djamolidine Abdoujaparov reference in there…

sean, you dont have a baby. your 18.

congratulations hope everything goes smooth. hope he doesnt turn into a brat.

this kid does not understand a joke.

you told me this in person.
why post.
and how is that I joke. anyone who didnt know him would interpret that post as being serious.


you guys talk to each other in real life?
keep the internet and the real world separate. sheesh.

also back to babies…

Jonas is pretty sweet…try not to let him shorten it to jonny though. nas would be way cooler.