almost called him cadel...

but didnt =D

Born on Friday morning, who wouldve thought having two kids means twice the work, now to start planning all those dreams i never realised, and to live them through him =P

But seriously, i wonder if we’ll be seeing a crapload of kids named cadel

ps, also the reason why my build has stalled

Doesn’t gave the chin for it. Now sell me your bike. You won be needing that anymore lol

Congrats mate!!! Must be a good feeling!


I haven’t gotten many bike projects completed this year either…

cheers dude, and your right man, wont be seeing no saddle time for a while! maybe round the corner for some baby formula…haha

no chin, but hes got a set of legs! little man kicks hard when your messing with his diaper! if not a cyclist, muay thai might be more up his alley =D

cheers dude! and congrats to you fellow father!

Hey aren’t they amazing?

and you’ve accomplished something there that Cadel hasn’t…:wink:

Congrats jase

Wohooo !! Congrats to you all.

He’s a handsome boy :wink:

Great news Jase! Congratulations!

Ps, not sure if he’s looking for a frame just yet but this might do the trick:

Vintage ATALA Columbus Gipiemme FrameSet for Child 44cm | eBay

Great news mate! From what I’ve heard two kids equals three times the work. All the best to the whole family.

Yeeeeeeeeeah! Go you little breeder!

Woo hoo! Congrats, Jase. What a cutie!

Nice work mate.


^This. And three is about 4.5 times the work. But dont let that get you down, just look at Jens.

Sincere congratulations Jase, and congratulations to the rest of your family.

When you have one child, you still have some time of your own.
When you have two children, you think you have no time of your own.
When you have three children, you realise that you actually did have some time of your own when you had only two — but only because you don’t have that time anymore.
When you have more than three children, time collapses.


Congrats mate!

He’s very cute.


The quote below is oh so true - but it is still fantastic having kids. Most of the time. :slight_smile:

appreciate it boys, big thumbs up to those dad with multi - kids! think ill be trolling less…well i should be anyway =D