Alpinestars CroMega frameset - Retro cool!

This must be up someones alley. Seat post looks interesting…

Alpinestars CroMega frameset - Retro cool! | eBay

Similar to this thing that I was having a watch of.

That Fisher is awesome to the power of 10. watching for curiosties sake now

Horatio, if you sell that M730 group and wheels, I want a share of the mark-up :wink:

Nah not selling the Rocky man. :slight_smile:
Anyway it seems ebay prices have been going down lately or is it just me?

Good for buyers bad for sellers…

ah, i was just thinking that being the litmus test for all things hip, that vintage mtb kit must be on its way in, and i could hear your mind cogs whirring as you thought about upgrading to M900 or some such :slight_smile: I have no idea about prices of that sort of thing these days. But I do know that house prices in Fraser and Flynn seem to be heading in the right direction.

That would be nice. Sadly I’m getting rid of my DA 7400 parts so buying another totally obsolete (but beautiful) groupset wouldn’t make any sense.