Already knew it..

OECD data shows ACT as best place to live

ACT so far ahead of the rest of the OECD that it isnt even funny. Its actually sad… I feel sad for people in not ACT. But stuff em all, they can move here and choose other rubbish places :slight_smile:

^yes JP, but regarding cyclists’ safety things need to improve.

Cycling campaign group Pedal Power slams ACT government on injury rates

Totally, but that is true across the board.

And man, why cant I stop myself from scrolling down to the comments. Remtards.

I love cbr

Canberra travel guide: ten reasons to see the new capital of cool

Yay! Come to canberra and visit us! We will go on rides, we will eat, we will drink!

TC: I really like Canberra.


Me too, and I’ve never even been.

True. I got knocked off 3 weeks ago and won’t get to ride for at least another 3. At least I am avoiding magpie season…

Weird, didn’t see Ezy on the list anywhere.

That’s a bummer Tamas. You OK?

I will be OK, thanks. Very hard to not be riding this time of the year, its stunning outside.

It was 2 degrees at 12 noon on Sunday. Yippee. I’m looking forward to the warm Melbourne weather


Flying in for CX this weekend. Packing the down jacket and thermals… :eek:

Bring boardies.

Sunday -2 to 8 degrees and rain… Sounds like there will be swimming of sorts, board shorts not required!