Alright haters. . bring it on.

Gave my bitch a bath and took some photos.

This is my everyday ridden rain, hail or shine set of wheels. It’s done thousands of kays including Sydney to Melburn the hilly way. I believe it was the 2nd Chrome Pista on Melburn streets according to the rep.

Bianchi HiPista Mk 1

Deda Bars and Stem
Dura Ace cranks
Dura Ace cog and lock ring
KMC SL Gold chain
Selle San Marco ‘Light Concor’ Saddle
MKS Sylvan Pedals
Zipp 1150 rear disc wheel
700c Spinn Trispoke
BikeSnob NYC ‘Seal of Disapproval’ sticker

A couple more photos from someone that takes them much better than me.

Bring on the flamage. :evil: :smiley:

I see your hipster bike and raise you one! Dimos’s new ride…

(on a more serious note, your bike is fuckin sick matt)

Ha ha, I saw Dimmos yesterday cruising Swanston in his work ride and he said he’d rattle canned that wheel. I nearly fell over.

My vote goes to the grandpa hillman with the barbie front-end :wink:



He kept bangin the bell till I was about to abuse him, then i looked up to the open door expecting to see some Paki and he’s like ‘pop it up’!

Hilarious to see him out of context.

I painted my bike tonight, Ill unleash some pics tomoro :evil: :stuck_out_tongue:

Also spray the v brake part of the trispoke black, just tape off the rest, it will make the front wheel look a lot better.

If I’m going to bother spraying it i’ll just spray it white. I’m just lazy and decals will do ATM.

Who’s been hatin’?
It’s a nice ride george, although I think parking the bike where you do, everybody in Melbourne has already seen it… :evil:

Your title might be better phrased as “All you haters suck my balls” to quote BSNYC.

Final question- is the rear disc a ‘rain hail or shine’ setup? If so, ‘mad props’- a little crazy but I respect that. :roll:

you park that thing outside? how hasn’t it been stolen yet? looks bloody awesome.

Wear a helmet.

because of where it’s locked?

Hah, george. I took a photo of this when I was in Melbourne on my trip.’

You work in Melbourne Central?

Who’s been hatin’?

Nobody, I just expect to get back what I dish out. :wink:

is the rear disc a ‘rain hail or shine’ setup

Disc gets ridden a lot. It’s suprising, it really causes me no hastle in even the windiest weather. I don’t commute on it much cause I don’t want it to get kicked in.

Wear a helmet.

Good advice.

because of where it’s locked?

Quote from: george
Who ever you are, you are on 7 CCTV cameras and I’m going to work out who you are once we get through the footage. You’ve got a couple of days to put it back and I won’t think of you as a scumbag.

It’s pretty secure where it is, it just pisses me off that I have to make a police report before they’ll give me the footage.

That fixed sticker looks sweet :smiley:

Sweet ride mate.

That fixed sticker looks sweet

Do you have any more left?

haha awesome ride!

Maybe I need to disk up my back wheel :smiley: haha

got a few, i gotta get some to Tally this friday and send some up to Brissy but there should be some left i think

good thing you dont have to worry about theft in australia or that disc wheel would be gone so fast