Alternative to carrying a chainwhip and lockring tool

I am heading to Europe soon. And going to beef up the tool kit abit so i don’t get into any trouble overseas. I’ve had a good look at the tool kit thread and checked off the neccessities, which i already have.


What are the alternatives carrying a big C’whip and Lockring Spanner?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Pedro’s Trixie & rotafixa

Yeah, what blakey said. i was typing the same thing, but he beat me to it.

How big is that lockring tool?

Where the hell do you guy these outside of the US and A?

There site didn’t really have a price…

This’ll give you a rough idea.

Cheers for that.

Due to the small size, can you get a good amount of torque on it?

WOuldnt a chain whip fit nicely on the bottom of your bag? it sits pretty flat and doesnt take up much room.

Rotafix takes up no room.


A further question might be why do you want to change your sprocket over on the move? Carrying a spare chainring would be easier eh?

i got a trixie and they work fine!!
you can lock off your cog using the chain…

also there is the sugino mash cog set i got one and its ace


One problem with that link: “The lock ring is now unnecessary.”
Anyone here ride without one? Brakeless?
Let me know how that works out for you :wink:
Human have the pedros ‘hippy’ brand chains, they might have the Trixie.

The method of locking off the cog is good I’d still run a lock ring…
I have a sugino mash cog set so the old lock ring is a given …
I can change ratios pretty quickly given the desire

Yeah no lock ring is fine… It’s not like when you skid you apply more force than what you can with your arms. Especially when you don’t do it up too tight so you don’t damage the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wanker, 5 kids just went under the front of a bus after reading this.

There available here is Aus, and retail for $54. I know of one shop that sells them.

do we have to guess what the shop is or something!??

Thats not what I was getting at. What I’m saying is there available in the country and that any shop that has an account with the supplier can get them.

So do we have to bribe you with sexual favours or are you going to let the people know where to get these :?