Altitude Tent

Should I buy an altitude tent for my bed? A friend is selling his one for $1000 but it has a noisy motor. The best I can find on eBay is $3000.

I’m thinking a few hoses might fix the noise problem.

What happens when I bring birds home and they pass out with hypoxia?

Had a few beers heatseeker? :evil:

This is a training tool thing yeah? Pretty hardcore

You only say that because you may of run into my table full of bottles tonight after my bunch ride… The offer is out there and I’m seriously considering it. $1000 is DIRT cheap and they get amazing results. I could easily sell it for double the money.

Well do it!

Does the tent need to be calibrated so you don’t pass out?
And do you use it on the trainer, or while sleeping?

Yes I’ll try not to puncture my tyres when I ride past Renix tomorrow morning… :roll:

Improvise with a dutch oven. much cheaper.

(how much EPO can you buy with $3k)?