alvern x fastcrusade left side drive visp

essentially all spare parts i brought over from the states, on a cheap visp frame
left side drive so i remember you guys drive on the bloody wrong side of the road

Can any bike have a left side drive? It such a mind…****.
Those tyres look really awesome and bright (even though its not my type of colour) fyxation ftw.
Does that mean all bmx’s are left side drive (never noticed)

they are pretty loud tires that i got from fyxation as part of a contest. you need bmx cranks to do left side drive, otherwise your pedals would unscrew on you whilst riding.

jackin’ mah steez :stuck_out_tongue:
loves the pink n black almost as much as the pink n chrome

What size you got there? I noticed that the smaller VISP will have an upward sloping top tube. But yours is straight.

Wont the cog be wanting to undo itself every time you apply forward pedal pressure?

thats what the lockring would be for, i’m developing a rotafix tool that would allow you to tighten the lockring on the fly.

@gravity, its a 58cm according to them but it measures out 55cm ctc. kinda small for me, but the compact geo makes it easier to ride backwards, wheelie, keo

Like this?

exactly like the union foundry one except itll be larger, 18t, 3/32nd, have two pawls instead of one, and be stored like a washer in the locknut. also looking at making it have a bmx 4 pawl pattern too so you can remove singlespeed freewheels. i’m cutting the first ones out of plastic this weekend to get the design down. heres an early design, not the one i’m cutting but you get the picture.

also i’m using entirely recycled material so the first ones will be aluminum, will have to upgrade the cnc machine to do chromoly or stainless. price point around $20-30 depending on material

Note that not all lockrings have 2 opposing slots, which I guess is why union foundry went with one pawl.

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘stored like a washer in the locknut’… please explain

If you’re going to ‘store it like a washer’ (locknut or axle nut or lockring?), why not just cut a 13T sprocket with a lockring thread. No lockring required at all.

The PCD of F/W removal lugs is smaller than lockring notches isn’t it? So I don’t think you can combine the two into one tool.

An aluminium lockring remover won’t last long, maybe not even one use.

Lasercut steel sheet will likely be the cheapest option.

But mostly, who doesn’t have a flip flop wheel that needs to change ratios that often?

If you’re deadset on left side drive, I think a bolt on cog is a much smarter idea than having a loose sprocket constantly bearing on a lockring. No lockring needed either.

What is the point in running LSD anyway?
Just wondering, but to me, this all just seems like a lot of a hassle and work for something that is not really a problem if you just run a normal RSD setup.

co it’s different

@sanebastian, you’ll just have to wait til saturday to see the prototype

@blakely, i’ve used velosolo’s disc cogs before, the main drawback is you cant run anything lower than 16t, 15t if you run 3/32nd. also i have not found a good economical disc hub to do this to in the states. i like sealed cartridge bearings because back in minnesota we have snow and road salt. loose bearings just don’t work out for me in our winter. also cutting a 13t lockring would work, b/c i only have a cnc machine and a weak laser cutter, doing the threads right now just is more work than i can do.

finally i like micro ratios and left side drive cuz its different