Am I mental? locknuts and cones on XT freehub

Dudes, have inherited an XT 9sp rear wheel and by the looks of it there is no locknut outside the cone on the drive side of the axle. Its coming loose. I’ve adjusted and locked the NDS, but there seems to be nothing I can do on DS. Is it supposed to have a locknut there? I havent played with cup n cone wheels for a long time, but this seems wrong.
Please be gentle if i am speaking out of turn and am missing something.


Nothing to play with on the DS.

Refer to SI-3TG0A-002-00 for disassembly instructions.

Sounds like the only thing you’re missing is a locknut.

Its an M756 rear hub. Will have another crack tonight! It looks complete comparing (my photographic memory) to this:

That definitely has a locknut on both sides.

I thought all Shimano hubs had sealed bearings???

sealed =/= cartridge.