Amazing tommasini n.o.s

NOS TOMMASINI Super Prestige Frameset | 54 ( AMAZING! ) (eBay item 290549141980 end time 04-Apr-11 12:59:58 AEST) : Sporting Goods
Check that paint.

It’s nice … all Tommasini’s are and some have some very cool paint style’s that don’t really show well on pics.

In saying all that it’s not NOS. To lay claim that it’s been built up but never ridden is really poor form, impossible for the seller to justify or have anyone believe to be true.

It is like you said hard to prove or believe,
The brake bridges look to never have had brakes fitted, The steerer is uncut but the rear looks to have had a wheel in it.
Still a nice bike and $70 shipping.

Once built up a frame is no longer New Old Stock. I have half a dozen frames that I’ve ridden and could sell as NOS if this seller’s grading system apples - all of them ridden. It’s either new or it isn’t - no grey areas. New means never used or fitted. It actually is a technical grading and a standard.

The steerer has been cut - the extra length would be taken up by a headset and a small spacer. It’s clear that brakes have been fitted, as have cranks to the BB and a shifters + derailleurs too. Perhaps you haven’t looked at the pics closely enough.

Yeah enlarged photos you can see mounting marks,
Nothing worse than misleading descriptions.

I don’t know about misleading. He originally states it as NOS but then goes on to state “This set has been built up once, but has never been used in any kind of way.” You would just want to make sure you read the description properly.

[QUOTE=J.K.L.P;312184 “This set has been built up once, but has never been used in any kind of way.” .[/QUOTE]

True, but who is gonna build up a beauty like this and then not throw a leg over it, if only for a quick shakedown around the block.

exactly and what’s the diff between around the block or 100 miles? Or on a few sunday mornings if the weather’s nice?

My shed is full of NOS frames.

what about this scenario; there is a complete bike - new, never ridden. That bike would be NOS. would the frame this bike was built around not be NOS too? I’m saying it is or isn’t. just interesting.

It could be nos bike stripped and parted out.
I know a guy that found a nos Hayden longboard 1965 in a cupboard in toowoomba the owner bought it drove home from the sunshine coast and went blind overnight never road it or waxed it.
Weird things like this happen.

IMO once a frame is built up its no longer NOS

My opinion is that if every single part and the frame are NOS then you can call a complete bike NOS, but once you disassemble said bike, neither the parts or frame are NOS anymore. Mint condition maybe, but not NOS.

New means new, near new means near new.

Say that 10 times fast!

That’s not weird, it happens.

I know a seller in the US who had Raleigh’s from the late 60’s and early 70’s. Unopened in their original boxes, it’s clear that they haven’t even been assembled. That is NOS. The boxes, their original state and everything is not only plausible but evident.

This Tommasini has too many gaps missing as far as the claim or provenance and is hard for the seller to quantify. Judge only what you can see. Also think if you were to buy and sell it as NOS 2 years down the road … what sort of questions might you get from buyer’s who’s eyes tell them otherwise and are rightfully justified in questioning the validity of your claim.

I got no bones with the seller, more that I’d rather someone here didn’t buy something at a premium because of a misused term with regard to condition.

I agree i would hate to pay a premium for something it is not.
I myself am not to fussed about nos because i use all my stuff anyway and would not bother paying a premium for nos.

I agree it’s better to buy used, and leave the NOS stuff in a box.

From my observations, NOS is an overused and illegitimate term in many ebay listings.

but righteous in many vintage bmx auctions. Ild pedals, still in box, nos? it happens with that shit!
Those horrible leather and lycra fluro early 90’s fingerless cycling gloves I was wearing last Sunday that Benzy said were ‘actualy, pretty gay. They’re probably the gayest cycling gloves I’ve seen’? Totally NOS, they were sitting in a box at my mates wholesalers for 20 years, unopened, unused, unlooked at, unsold!