Ambrosia Evolution Rims - 32h - Heaps!

He has red, gloss red, a couple of blues and black.

$50 a rim is ok? not a steal but they are nice rims from what I have heard from pple who have them.


Yeah, I reckon $50 is “OK” but not a raging bargain. I reckon you’d be buying at that price because thats the rim you want/heard about/like the look of.

I rode a pair of em for about 8 years, then sold em and I think theyre still living now. They were good. I didnt need to brake much in those days, the brake pads also lasted that whole time. Now that I write that, I think $50 a rim is better than OK. They last.

How old would these be- like 10 years NOS?

Mine came on a bike that I had delivered in late '98.

I want these, which is dumb, coz I’m broke & have no use for them, but I still want them.

stupid brain.

Or just get Excellight’s and enjoy the passion-e!

ha! whoops. Mine were Excellence. The decal is bloody similar and the colour exactly as i remember it. I dont know how they compare.

Gomen ne.

I bought sme from Ben…they rocked!!!

These are good rims, I’d buy 'em. Nice, round, classic looking, build up well and the price is right. Shame they’re all 32h, if 36h I’d buy the lot.

^ what he said.
The spoke hole eyelets make them look pretty classic IMO.

Shame they’re all 32h, if 20h I’d buy the lot. Weight weenie box sections maaannn

Think about that again. 20h rims need/require a different rim profile. You can build a 20h wheel with this profile but the question would be why when there’s better horses for courses.

Cue ‘what rim should I buy to go with my hubs’ thread.

nah rims are the one thing H can decide on:
open pro or GTFO
Although they have to come in whatever proprietary rim coating mavic has just discontinued

probiotic yoghurt-dipped is the new hard ano

You know me too well. Exalith Open Pros would be the bees knees

Open pro’s are very good rims, but not measurably better than the Ambrosio’s in any way except about 40g lighter per rim (imo). I don’t think that’s much difference.

23mm or GTFO

Havent as yet jumped on the 23mm bandwagon, am interested.

I have this H + Son TB 14s which are 23s andi am pretty impressed. It’s amazing how such a small difference can make such a big difference to the way the tyre sits on the rim and subsequently the ride.