Amy Gillet Gran Fondo 2013


Slowly turning into a roadie. I did buy one partly with this ride in mind - have a big soft spot for the GOR as I grew up living on it, and to ride it with no cars will be awesome. Bit worried about my fitness but plenty of time still so I have no excuses really.

Anyone else here doing it/done it?

great ride, did it in 2012, was underprepared, severely jet lagged and way too fat. considering doing it again this year, better prepared, well-rested and perhaps not as fat.

I did it in 2011. It’s such a good course, and because there’s lots of room on the road you can give anyone who’s being really sketchy a wide berth.

If you ride on the reg, you’ll cruise around it no problem because there’s not any really steep gradients or anything like that. The degree of difficulty comes from properly treating it as a race or aiming to set a certain time.

i would, but the 200 bucks and requirement for fund raising is killing it. I wouldn’t race either - don’t have the engine for that, and not really want to flog the old Moser

oh yeah…the closed road thing was fantastic, especially the cruisy, flowing descents out the back

No requirment for fundraising unless your a front runner or entering in a big team.

$200 hurts a little, but to ride on easily some of the best road in aus with no cars is pretty awesome. And looking at other events the price is good - a mate is trying to drag me onto around the bay. $200 share the road with cars and muppets, a jersey I’ll never wear again and a ferry pass? For roads I can ride any day of the week in peace.

Tip today was to not get caught up in the race off the start line so you don’t pop on the climb.

AND save something for the climb up from Dean’s Marsh to Benwerrin. There’s more to it than it looks on the ride profile.

I think it’s the same course as the GORC (alleycat for dentists). Did that as a team time trial and i was absolutely flogged by the end! Wonderful roads though.

First week of stepping up the kay’s so I can enjoy the day rather than hurt lots… BAM chest infection.

Stupid cold melbourne mornings.

You’ve obviously gone out in sympathy with Wiggo.

He’s still probably riding harder with a chest infection than I possibly can without.

Another couple of days to go till I can start doing some easy rides.

hmmm… might change my mind on this then

Massively underprepared from where I wanted to be, but thats life. hopefully it doesnt hurt me too much.

If anyone from melbourne wants a lift down i’m driving saturday arvo/evening, bivvying somewhere on the outskirts of town and attending the early briefing sunday morning.

Quick write up.

The ride was amazing, the hill’s only hurt if you tried to hold a high pace. Being my first big road ride, I took it pretty easy as I didnt know what I was in for. Weather was perfect, some of the views were amazing good day out.

The organisation of the event - rego/briefing/start position was as simple as it got.

Will be back to do it again next year and hopefully drop a good chunk off my time.

Mate of mine did it on his 3Rensho roadie. Photos looked nice.

I did just the Medio to Apollo Bay on my SS 29er, with an old mate who’s not a regular rider on his ebay water pipe single speeder. It was a hoot, 60mm Big Apples were a little bit testing on the longer climbs but descending on them was amazing. I didn’t see any other SS or fixed rigs on the day.

While it was fun and I enjoyed the festive atmosphere, $140 for 90 minutes’ ride was a bit rich and it didn’t carry the same sense of accomplishment that the full circuit did last year. Keen now to shape up and do the full one again in '14 (although the thought crossed my on the way into AB to borrow my mate’s fat bike, do the medio again and for shiggles do the last 5 K on the beach).

I heard that Baumwas there sporting a rear vision mirror and oversized saddle bag!

I reckon I’ll be up for this again next year.

Saw several baums on the day. Alot of nice rigs in general.

Dude on a white fixed and red dueter backpack?

A couple on a tandem. A dude on a arm-tricycle dealie.

Multiple people that didnt understand how I could ride with out a garmin, or any computer for that matter?

Had a goddamn bee sting my chest on a decent too