An introduction and Apollo conversion

Hi friends,
I’m Gus, long time lurker first time poster blah blah
Here is my daily rider (nothing special.)
The frame is an Apollo touring frame (cutlass?) Running 48x18 which is about right for Hobart.

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I’ve got a few other non fixed bikes.
This GT ‘vengence’ TT frame with 650c wheels etc. is pretty crazy I’ve got it set up with ss kit and risers(ha). Light as hell and would be nice fixed but don’t have the wheel and a bit worried about low bottom bracket.
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Also own a Charge Mixer (700c alfine, 8 speed and hyros) Surly 1x1 and a Cargocycle :wink:

I run with the Bottles and Chains crew (bdstorer, sket) and started the Hobart Bike Kitchen ( But Soon will be moving to Newcastle NSW so keen to hook up with riders in NC and Sydney. If anybody has a small to medium trackish frame in those parts I’m interested.
Good to finally introduce myself.

Anyone from the B’n’C crew is alright with me. :sunglasses: