Anchor NJS

#sotb still alive and well.

I decided to part with my Bridgestone as i finally heeded most people’s advice as it was too small. Both my Clamont’s are at least a cm bigger, so it made sense.

Still wanted an NJS bike, and it still had to be a Bridgestone / Panasonic / Samson / Nagasawa (if the budget stretched).

Ended up with this which is a bit different:

Frame/Fork: Bridgestone Anchor NJS 55x57, Kasei 8630-R NiCR-MO tubing… no dents!
Headset: Dura-Ace NJS
Bars/Stem: Nitto Pearl 11 NJS / Nitto B125AA NJS or Nitto Risers
Seatpost/Saddle: Kashimax RS NJS / Dura-Ace x Easton NJS / Kashimax Rain tail
Wheels/Hubs: Dura-Ace 7600 NJS / Hoshi DB spokes / Araya RC540 clinchers / Panaracer Pasela Tyres (the Araya Gold’s with NJS Soyo Red II Tubs are in the garage)
Drivetrain: Dura-Ace 7600 cranks & chainring NJS / D.I.D NJS chain / Dura-Ace lockring NJS / Generic cog
Pedals: MKS Royal Neuvo NJS / MKS Alu NJS clips / MKS toe straps NJS

Does good skids.

Very nice dood…

Yeah hells yeah, really nice.

Love how clean this build is. Ace work, beautiful bike

Fuck me!

Nice, I miss my Bridgestone njs, not sure where it is now

Oh baby.

dats fugggggin nice!

w0000000f, that paint is so good!


Thanks guys ! So much fun. Should be taking it for first commute later this week.

Looks very slick. Is that paint semi gloss? And what’s that part way along the top tube?

paint on point, build on point.

I’m guessing a protector so the bars don’t hit the tube?

100% A+ bike

It’s a satin finish. So like a matte finish but without the chalk board feel.

Kashimax top tube protector


OOooof… i just blew my load. Thank you

Love it, especially the paint job on that frame. Frame looks like it is in incredible condition, since you mention it has no dents I assume it is used? Not often you see them that pristine.

Awesome! The colour is amazing.

Yeah I bought second hand. There are quite a few paint chips/scratches on the non-drive side but they look super fresh, ie from storage.

It it were not for them and some scoring on the drop outs from track nuts I would say it was almost as new.

I tried to salvage the race approval sticker when I peeled it off but it wasn’t to be.