Anchor PA3

This is my first build and been a blast to ride. Didn’t know much about road/fixies when I started so been fun reading up on stuff. Managed to scabbed most parts from my brother or found them cheaply. I think I’ve done ok for first round.

Parts list:

Frame/Fork: Anchor PA3 in Metallic Silver Dimond
Handlebars: Nitto M101F
Stem: Kusuki Medallion 800 stem
Crankset: Sugino RD2S 48T
BB: Sugino 68W
Pedals: Random
Chain: Izumi
Seat: Anchor
Seat Post: Nitto
Seat Clamp: Bazooka
Front Wheel: Aerospoke, CTS 700c x 23c (will soon be swapped for a polished H+Son formation when I get a hub)
Rear Wheel: Unknown rim, Unkown Bladed spokes, Unknown fix/fix hub, 700c x 28c Maxxis, Unknown cog 18T

Oh my gawd…

that’s a pretty nice looking steed…great job!

nice bike, nice photos, you should do pro photos for peoples rides

I think it would look good with bullhorn or something of the type. nice photos. looks good!

thanks guys

pm me if you want photos of your ride :stuck_out_tongue:

rode a friends bike with bullhorns and wasnt feeling them. i do like the look of them though

I dont even…


Sweet ride man!

‘like’ sticker is amaze.

Huh? My facebook?