and one for Spirito.

Vintage Jack Taylor 650b Tourist Tandem.Brooks Maxi Car Campagnolo TA MAFAC NO 8 | eBay

Dude is selling some NICE stuff!

yeah he is,

this is one of his, worth a look
Rare vintage c1937 Baines VS37 Constrictor Chater Osgear Brooks Conloy No 7 | eBay

Yeah, that bike is off the hook.

I’d have this in a heartbeat:
Vintage Jack Taylor Randonneur Brooks Carradice Stronglight Mafac Campag No 5 | eBay

maybe some medical insurance fraud will help pay for it. . .


Very cool ride. Intertesting to see that the Taylor brothers were much influenced by the French Contsructeurs.

Surely the price will go skywards on this. That a lot of bike at the current bid.

This I likey: