And the hunt begins.. any help?

Just picked this up.

no info except the following:

Haden brothers Lugs, ‘Specialty’ set.
Reynolds 531.
smaller dropouts than i usually see. (havent seen any markings either)…
called Hillman… NOT A HILLMAN…

I know a lot of aussie builders use/d haden lugs but not sure about these ones. might be wrong.
also has a slight angle in TT.

^ I was going to say that I’ve seen some Bundys with a similar paint job, but I guess it’s probably not original.

Needs more headset spacers.

I bet you really needed another D-A stem without the cap!

Thats a Tange Passage headset, lowest stack 1" threaded headset still on the market. I would say its not original to the bike and would advise against cutting it down to suit the headset. Once you cut it, you won’t be getting any other headset to work.

This !!

duly noted.


ha i did a swap with the gorgeous TITAN hidden bolt stem and Nitto drops. they are on the paconi now.