Android App of the day (AAOTD)

I have a Samsung Galaxy 2…anyone got anything exciting I should have?

Skateboard Party HD is pretty cool although I can’t work out how to rail grind without falling off.

Pipe Roll.

sports tracker or map my ride

where’s my droid, incase i ever loose it

android vnc, so i can queue up torrents and have them ready to watch when i get home :slight_smile:

death rally, cause i used to love that game

Osmos HD
Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit (Best game I’ve ever played on a phone)
Mini Motor

Other shit
Vignette (Best camera app) widget

And most importantly, get the LauncherPro OS. Makes it an infinitely better phone.

App Deals: iPhone, iPad, Android, WP7 | Lifehacker Australia

I read daily and they’ve always got discounted or free apps advertised. Check it out.

Di.FM - plenty of classic EDM channels on there to keep you happy Azz

^ sweet!!! Thanks n8

What do I have to do to listen to stuff though?

Make sure you got the radio app, not the associated forum app (the forum app comes up first in the search results).

This one:

When you open it, it’ll sit for a little bit initiallising, then come up with the list of radio stations - pick one and it’ll start streaming.

And I stream it from here while I’m at work
Digitally Imported - addictive electronic music

Get a beep/bleep test app if you want to revisit the joys of high school PE

does anyone know any free and easy to use video editing apps?
games wise I’m reliving Beneath a Steel Sky… classic point and click.

There’s a fairly basic video editing lap preloaded (called Video Maker).

Other good apps: Wolfram Alpha, Jet Car Stunts, Evernote, Dolphin Browser (alternative to the standard internet app, not a photo gallery of dolphins).

Monsters Ate My Condo!