Angry Boys

Chris Lilley is a genius.

Angry Boys - ABC TV

Still living on the family farm in Dunt, identical twins Daniel and Nathan Sims, who appeared in We Can Be Heroes, are back. Joining the boys in the series are four new characters; former surfing world champion Blake Oakfield, a family man and founding member of a surfie gang - the Mucca Mad Boys; S.mouse a U.S. rapper famous for having produced the biggest selling hip-hop single of all time; Japanese mother Jen Okazaki, a shrewd businesswoman, she also manages her son’s skateboarding career; and Juvenile Justice Centre for Boys officer Ruth Sims, aka Gran. Gran takes pride in looking after the ‘worst boys in the state’ and can be as tough on the boys as she is kind to them.

Sneaky nuts. LOL.

Sneaky Nuts is definately going to get me in trouble after a couple of beers…

Yeah absolute gold!

saw this a few days ago, cannot wait for this, GAY STYLE! Sneaky nuts has been one of my mates bread and butter since high school and to see it getting the recognition it deserves, is amazing to see. I’m glad he didn’t bring back any of his past characters, it;s good to start a fresh!

Oh and by the way, if you read the news from “” “the punch” and others, you’ll see the “olds” are only anticipating the juvenile warden, guess they don’t understand the hip pop or pushy asian parents thing…

^The twins are old characters

from Summer Heights High, or from something else? only seen SHH, news to me!

He had a series called “We can be heroes” rather better than “shh” in my opinion.
These guys were in that, so was 'jai’me (spelling?)

got the ‘we can be heroes’ dvd…funny as fuk.

i don’t really think that pplaying all the characters himself really adds a whole lot. frankly i think he’s overrated. funn, but not the genius many seem to think he is.
also, blackface and a fake nose. in 2011…? (and i’m seriously un-PC)

Those who know me see if you can spot me in the trailer, I was an extra in the Asian Skatepark scenes.

Good pay/meeting chris lilley/loitering in a skatepark all day was probably the best employment I’ve had so far.

Can’t find you… split second shots full of people make it impossible

Just so everyone knows, Summer Heights High was filmed at my high school while i was in year 11 and all my friends are in it. There was something slightly unpleasant about our school being payed to act as the grounding for a show that took the piss out of public schools. Still, lols were brought when i thought this girl around the yard was a bit cute, only to realise it was Chris Lilley.

LOLs now!

Best story ever. Now I really need to meet you, to shake the hand of the man who had the hots for Chris Lilley.

Don’t worry, it’s just a reverse man crush.