Anodised rim and braking

Is anyone running a brake on an anodised velocity rim (no machined braking surface)?

If so, how has the anodising held up?

Yeah I run gold anodised Vs without machined surfaces. The annodising wears off after the first 50-100kms and just looks like any normal braking surface. Fine to stop on, if you have a choice and know you’re going to use the rim with a brake I’d say go for machined though (If goose is lurking around he can confirm whether they build a bit of extra surface on there???), otherwise just go full anodise and let the pads do the work for you :-).

Thanks for that info, that’s exactly what I wanted to know.

I was just trying to decide if I wanted to put a brake on my pretty bike (has no braking surface) so I could ride it harder on the street. But I’d rather not tear up the rim so it will have to stay as a closed circuit steed.

just get another front wheel. some cheapo thingo. $2 love you long time.