Anodized pink alloy flat bars

Hey guys, I’ve been looking around a bit on the net for some new bars for my 29er, And I was wondering if you could all help me with my search.
Now, I’m not looking to buy them now, but kinda within the next little while.
Here’s my issue.


31.8 clamp size.
770mm wide, or close. No shorter than 700.
Alloy or carbon, but considering how I treat my beast, smashing into trees and shit, alloy would probably be safer.
Anodized pink or blue. Gotta match/contrast the pink King headset (yeah, motherfuckers)
Gotta be FLAT, with a backsweep. Not risers. I’m struggling to keep the front end down on the climbs, which is a big issue for 29ers apparently. Slinky might shorten my suspension later, but I’m using all of it so I kinda don’t wanna.
But yeah, can I get a hand with my googling? DOINITWRONGSOFAR.jpg, you know what I mean?

I won’t help you because you want pink/blue anodised bars, thinking it’ll look great matched with your pink Chris King headset. It will not look good, so I will not help you.

770mm thats more than 3/4 of a metre wow.
I rode single trail and freeride for years i dont get bars this wide, they must be tree collectors.

I do tip the bike on it’s side every now and then to get through trees, but yeah, wide is good.
My mate rides with 820’s. TOUGH

I’m not sure they make them that wide anymore but trials bars like these below are about as wide as I’ve seen at 740mm. There’s no pink but there is blue and purple.

Echo Urban Flat
V!Z Logic Bar
Select Bikes Ltd - Echo urban bar

Nice work dude!

Call me stupid but why is wide good?

the magic of physics, my friend.

Take on some single track with sweet as 450mm wide bars and find out.

^^^^ While the above is a good point, here is another reason. I followed a guy on a SS Roadie last weekend with 5 different pinks on his bike. No doubt he thought it looked good, but unless they match, they look stoopid. Gold anodise is another colour that is hard to match.
As for the wide bars, leverage is a wonderful thing, especially on a SS 29er. I run 710mm on mine and it helps with the climbing, though I think there is a tipping point where too wide doesn’t help. Just not sure of the actual number.

mine free ride bike had about 600ish but 800+ just use a broom stick.

This is exactly it, but I don’t know the fancy titles for how shit works. More stuff to pull on. That’s why I need some bar ends next.

Also, I don’t think I need any colours for now. No more bike related purchases for a bit, after my cross frame and bmx.
Pappa wants a new diff and rims.
And tires for the rims.

Get ready Dylan Easternats isn’t far away.

But Seriously custom anodising isn’t that expensive. You could just go nuts with the stuff.

That’s why I need a new diff. And front bumper.
And if I save a bit, a fuckin huge turbo for when I’m off my p’s in a few years