Another Canberra Guy!

Hey All,

Great to see a sweet little aussie forum, should be a fun place to hang. Anyway I’m from Canberra and here is my baby.

Its my 10spd Peugeot conversion which has been a bit of a work in progress. I picked it up out of the tuesday classifieds for 20 bucks and after some hard scrubbing and pollishing, a track cog and chain and a few tweaks she’s been carving up the streets in style nearly every day. I’ve been meaning to get pics up on fixedgeargallery but shes not quite done so ill show you guys first.


hey andre,

cant seem to get the link to work …

you can email it to me and i’ll put it in the gallery if you like

Rogaine is a bit keen on the old peugeot too



oh hey man - I picked up that Battaglin frame today - took the paint off the lugs (took 6 hours - I’m on holidays) and I’ll pick up some sandpaper today to do the rest. It looks great underneath ! I’m thinking of just getting it powdercoated.

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Thanks Nick,

Pics are on the way,


hey! another canberran (via melb) here… commute from red hill to belconnen daily, and now on a fixed perkins (columbus TSX) road frame… dunno how old, but old enough. running 27" wolber alpine super champion rims on wheelsmith bladed spokes and mavic forged hubs… all about 15 to 20 years old… i think. David, if you’re here, please correct me :slight_smile: sachs cranks and a 39x16… p-verse, i know but black mountain on belconnen way into the wind tears my soul from me on anything longer. i dont have pics, bike isnt super beautiful or anything but fells awesome and goes. Wicked to see so many canberrans here…

Nice one JP

Both Tomacropod and I live in Belconnen. Do you live out red hill way? I am running 42/16 at the moment and like to avoid belconnen way. I prefer to ride the bike path up behind AIS it is probably as steep but riding through the bush on a twisty trail takes your mind off the hilliness, Any was that you I saw riding out near kingston markets last friday around 6pm?


mwahahahahaha !

I rode 35kms in 42/14 today. Then I chopped down a couple of trees and then I rode back home - another 35kms ! I went interstate !

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PS nice to meet you JP - where in Belconnen do you work?

I’m a student at the ANU but, of course, we get one quarter of the year off during summer holidays so at the moment I’m just working, riding, building bikes.

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yeah, that track near the AIS is a good one, but i’m often running late and have to get on the gas to get to work on time :slight_smile: its good for (sport) star spotting though. i dont think it was me near kingston markets… my bike is black, dark red and white… and if i’m pottering around i usually wear a big yellow atom (plastic hardshell) helmet which is possibly my most distinguishing feature! i work out at the ABS in belco. sold some race wheels last night and am keen to drop that cash on some stuff from kookie bikes… NJS the ride a little… mmmmmm. hearing what you guys are riding, i’ll be upgrading my chainwheel to a 40 in the coming weeks, and change my cranks to the sugino GTs i have sitting at home. speaking of the cranks… has anyone heard of the model GT? i am 90% sure they are the letters that have been semi scrathed off the right crank arm… and if you know em, where do they sit in the sugino hierachy? i am off on holidays on friday but i reckon we have enough of us here to meet at ‘all bar nun’ or the cafe round the corner in o’connor sometime in jan for a sess… anyone keen? 15th jan? my mob is 0400508811 if anyone wants another mode of contact.

hey that sounds good JP - I’m one of those spawn-of-the-abs children. My parents met each other while working there and my mother has just returned to a director position there.

Beer is our friend. You’re back in the new year JP? Somebody just listed an almost complete campagnolo c-record groupset on ebay. I bags the HS and seatpost.

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I hope to be around that time but may be working down in Victoria. all bar nun sounds great though.

Hopefully I’ll have my bike fixed by then. If not I’ll do plently of backpedalling down hills. I’ll introduce myself - my name is Alex and I got into all of this fixie stuff through tomacropod mostly, with motivation to make my bike look nice coming after looking at wasabi’s peugot.

Welcome Alexx, I’m now an old man of this forum :roll:

JP, remember a couple of months ago when there was a yellow peugeot road bike abandoned on belconnen way/macarthur av turnoff?

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Correction for peugeot = apollo. And what are you talking about Joel?

hey guys. i’ve only ben riding up and down belco way for four months… i cant remember seeing a frame abandoned anywhere… i would’ve towed it home… actually i would’ve towed a pueg home, may have had a closer inspection to make the call on an apollo! just saw my fave shogun of all time on FGG and also an amazing dave kirk…i think they’re both on this wed or thurs posts… both unreal but an order of magnitude apart in budget. i love this. sorry about the gumby call on the sugino cranks, theyre AT for sure.

Ha! just read the spawn of abs call… nice one… are you going to let me in on her name? i assume shes a fixed afficionado also? i should give everyone a heads up on my ridiculously careless keyboard style… i guess you’ll get used to it. i’m back in the can on 9th jan… armed with parts to make the perkins foto worthy.

ha, she’s absolutely not a fixed afficionado. she moans about riding her gorgeous, classic Europa bike with 3-speed sturmey archers gears, mafac brakes etc. Her name is Sheridan Roberts and she currently directs the economic standards and classifications section.

Fear not though, I hate statistics.

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