another concept bike (and a link)

Some good ideas like the lock up handlebars. the drivetrain looks pretty trick.

Now with link. . . .duh

umm… link? pic?

she lost her bag of plums pretty quickly

TU DELFT is the beez kneez.

i think the handlebar application is interesting, but the bike looks a little odd. would be better after next round of mods.

whatever she paid for those plums, she got ripped off. unripe and attacked by bugs.

can anyone explain the drivetrain?

I’m guessing belt drive.

so BB30 is out, and BB100 is in?? :sunglasses:

More like an actual driveshaft?

shaft drive?

Would be a shaft drive without doubt, the larger id bearings in the BB would not be very cost effective though.

Why have some chick buying fruit and not have a basket on the bike?

So, how do the brakes work? :? :?

Looks like it has drum brakes. But the levers have no cables.


Internal hydraulic, which also engage when the handlebars are in “locked” mode so the bike can’t be rolled away, nice touch. There is more info here:

Unfortunately the section about the drivetrain is a broken link :confused: