Another Courier Mail Rant

The vendetta against cyclists continues

Cadel Evans’ historic Tour de France win has been hailed a national triumph. But it’s not. | Courier Mail

You’re joking aren’t you?

That article is so obviously a pisstake, how can you call it a vendetta?

What a knob

WTF? I dont get any of that…
5 1/2hrs for 7km… huh?

I thought the deal was everyone is pretty much over wieght and needs to do 30mins a day excercise or rooting or something…?

I guess he’s right, Cadel winning the TDF is the worst thing that can happen to this country.

My comment.
I was probably one of the many people that passed you on your way into work… Maybe you should have ridden?

It’s a piss take, but the courier mail seems to always publish rubbish about cyclists or cycling in general.

you’ll all be much better served by starting your day doing anything other than reading the courier mail

Good point, how does one find the garbage articles posted here so often?
By reading terrible news sources? Maybe stop reading those, ignore the world.

In that case, maybe you should stop reading it :wink:

I don’t think there is any ‘news’ in the media any more. It’s all either propaganda or ratings-driven crap. You have to search for real news yourself these days.

new sig

It’s a pisstake. It’s just not a very funny pisstake.

Could they not have found a better “file photo” then this one…

Cadel Evans’ win in the Tour de France will do nothing but inspire more cyclists to clog the roads, people to wear Spandex and babies to have silly names.

Or at least something to match the description they gave the image…
instead of a guy who’s just knocked off a Huffy from the train station,
with the front wheel on back to front , who’s on his way to Centrelink
in his best ‘Get Up’ and Dunlop KT-26’s.

I’m sure google may have an image or two of this Cadel Evans character wearing a Yellow Turtle Neck or an overweight Lawyer on a Pinarello Dogma.

Maybe they just type in “Bike” or “Cyclist”…???

That bike is almost a dead ringer for the one I’m doing the epic on next week.

the courier mail is just a big womans day in black and white

They print shit articles to fill space because all the real journo’s are to busty putting together a fully sweet ekka supplement.
Fuck i the media even more if i have to read it to get the wrong story.

i seen this, yeah i think its a piss take. if it isn,t it’s so out of touch it’s just the “curious snail”