Another day, another fixie magazine feature...

I was looking through a lighting manufacturers magazine today at work and I kid you not, came across this… WTF has this got to do with lighting, I don’t know :evil:
I love the slightly strange German translation which gets surprisingly deep about the advantages of fixies etc.

Unnecessary ballast eh? “Excuse me, I’m just going to rid myself of some unnecessary ballast in this porcelain bowl”.

That would be a really nice bike if they changed the seat to a tan leather sprung saddle took off the rear brake and put on some bar tape or grips and changed the crank to something a little more vinatge looking and changed the straight blade forks for something with some rake and put on some tan wall tyres and built the frame with lugs and used large flange hubs in the wheel set.

So basically your saying you like the colour?


Typical German way of deconstructing something really esoteric and making it sound totally cold and mechanical :evil:

“succeeded in making a visual and technical declaration of love for the purism of bicycle design”.

Cheery Ripe is my favorite chocolate bar :smiley:

Is that this years catalouge? I tried to find it ours is a late 90’s number

XAL do like a monthly A3 magazine thingy - ask Light2 for one if you wanna see it!

neutral pinion gear. :lol:

actually, it looks nice. i like the straight fork.
it looks like it was designed in 1994

Well its not great but yeah the colours ok. I really like the red accent.

An LBC stocks them here in Zürich. How much is that doggie in the window? $1800. An acquaintance has one, very nice, but it has a freewheel, as do most of them when sold to Züri-Hipsters.

More fixxxie-inc bits here.

The fork may be straight but it still has rake, I’m guessing about 40-45mm?

The rest of it is un-hot, it’s just a remake of what was hot “back in the day” what with the cable clips etc A bit like a 40 year old dressed in fluro, fluro is hot cause it’s being worn by a tight 18yo, it doesn’t transfer automatically just because…

ps. I enjoy drunk posting, flame away :smiley:

I really like the cable clips. So much nicer then having shit brazed on to your frame. Is it a mechanical advantage having bare cable streched between cable bosses compared to one length of housed cable straped to the frame? I’m just wondering why bicycle design went from one the other.

i think the clips are great… esp for this application. i reckon they got rid of em because

  1. people stopped training fixed in the winters (and i suspect the “clean” aesthetic isnt as new as we might like to think)
  2. less cable housing means less friction means less sponge-factor
  3. its a touch lighter.

i really like the old arabesque shimano clips.

More cable housing makes for a spongier brake. It’s also fun cutting little bits of cable to size for each run.

Oh, and

Does it never drop below 40 degrees?

I’ve got a couple of rusty clips lying about the place somewhere. I’ll trade for a complete dura ace track group set :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The Italian framebuilders said that the additional heat from extra braze-ons weakened the tubing, so everybody used clips. Nobody noticed that no braze-ons made life a little easier for the framebuilders…