Another group bashguard order?

(if a mod wants to merge this with the locked thread I start a while back, that’d be good)

Look here:

I want for my 1x9 commuter, its about the same price as buying short chainring bolts and looks cooler.

Anyway, they are $14 US each plus $10 shipping for up to 10 I think.

So 2 guards = $5 shipping, 5=$2 etc.

Anyone want one?


Got one taker, so two so far.

Get in on it…

I’m in I’ll take two 110 + 94? 5 bolt.
On my phone right now, will confirm dimensions and colors when I get home.

I think we have 6 at the moment.

I’ll wait for Dafrog to confirm and order.


Got 8 in the end.

Close thread please.

ok. I need another bashguard.

This guy does almost any BCD and size in a few colours.

Any one else want one?

They are around $18 each plus shippng divided by how many people are in on the order (shipping for ten is $18)

Let me know, Mike

Sorry if this reduces the size of your order Mike, but …

I’m pretty sure I have a surplus BBG bashguard 135 BCD 42 tooth. Will trade for a longneck of Coopers.

Yo mike dee, do you need 130BCD? And 45/47T?