Another Headset Q!!!!

Can you remove a headset that is pressed into a frame… if so HOW??

I got a fucking nice campagnolo one (same one went on ebay for 120$ with a non-original headcup - 2 nites ago) in a frame i wanna get rid of.

Big brass drift with nice square edges. Just keep tapping around and make sure it doesn’t twist in the headtube.

Or a long bolt if you don’t have the above. Tap tap tap, slowly. Or lbs will have a cup remover you could use.

SORTED… :smiley:

Visited one of my good mates today at TC’s Bike Barr @ Indropilly. Took in 4 frames and got all headsets & Bottom brackets removed… Time to get crackin on these builds!!

Or if you prefer to do it yourself, you can use a length of copper pipe (I’ve also heard of aluminium being used):