Another Laser

ferck 60cm too! wonder what the reserve is

something ridiculous for sure

Shipping looks reasonable…

At the risk of being slapped down (judge me from my post count first!!) can you, the informed, tell me why this is crazily sought after?

I really want a Euro AIS pursuit

Think of it like the Ferrari F40 of bikes

Thanks ST. Puts it in perspective. I’ll be watching it just to go along for the ride.

They made less F40s

Really? There was well over 1000 f40’s made I wouldn’t have thought that many lasers, any ideas how many they made?

I’ve typed that arse-about; they made more F40s. Laser numbers weren’t recorded, but it’s estimated to be between 2-250 across all variants.

^^ A popular search engine tells me the track frames were limited to 300.

Edit: what Avvocato said.

There were a few numbers thrown around when the Laser Mia was launched, but I’ll check my Cinelli book at home.

Between 1981-1991, roughly 300 of all types with 100 for professionals

I never realised these were tig’d! Crazy.