Another No Name

Another one of these frames, this time with 11sp Ultegra.

Cosmics are on because I don’t have any other wheels that will cope with 11sp. I’ve only taken it for a short spin around the block so far but it rides really nicely so I might just leave them on.
Anybody got some recommendations for light-ish 11sp wheels?

And this is only the second time I’ve had somebody else build a bike for me. I haven’t ridden a geared bike in maybe 5 months so this really does feel like a new bike.

Looks hot, in a stealth bomber kinda way.

But the elephant in the room is… HOW MUCH DOES IT WEIGH?

Where’d you buy it from - Aliexpress? Trying to source a new fork for my planet x and trying to work out if it’s worth going for the open mould marketplace.

No I got it from Torpedo7. I think it might be made by Bevato.

ha of course! The most important thing.

I hadn’t weighed it but since you asked, it’s right on 8kg. A lot of that is in the wheels.

how much steerer do you need? i have a planet x TT fork - so its drilled, doing nothing in my garage. only used once.

the catch, its the pearl white one

Bike looks rad by the way! enjoy!