Another one of my MTB clips

I took a trip to the Coast last week, it was for my boss’ birthday, he just got a new bike so we hit some trails. Pretty muddy, but damn fun! Enjoy.

‪Mogo Mountain Bike Trails‬‏ - YouTube

You’ve made some sweet videos ezylee!

Thanks mate… just a little hobby thing I have.

Thoroughly enjoyed that, thanks for sharing EzyLee.


Was the camera chest mounted? The video was so stable.

Yup! This is it.


…of the puffer jacket.

No doubt!

My parents live right near there. Such a beautiful area. Maybe I should visit more often… and get some kind of MTB!

Good clip too! Chest cam works great

Yup, there are some awesome trails around Mogo. The place is riddled with singletrack. There are also towns like Bermagui / Tathra and Merrimbula that have some great trails.