Another, slightly different, Japan thread.

I know, search function. But this isn’t a ‘gimme info’ etc question.

Does anyone have any contacts/ex-pat friends in Japan (Tokyo/Osaka) who have a tarck bike/single speed that I could cruise around on between the 28-14th of Nov/Dec? Just need it for one day at the most.

I’ll be over there and always like seeing what a city is like on a bicycle, and would preferably like to ride a single geared/fixed bike over a more traditional hire bike.

Anyone have any links? Money/love can be exchanged for a day of two wheeled goodness.

contact user team ballerina - she’s currently living in tokyo and seems to know shit loads of people in the fixed gear world. she’s got a thread about her japan travels on here too, might be easier to find that thread to get a hold of her as she has stupid love hearts at the beginning of her username so its hard to type into the subject field of a pm.

hipster twat :stuck_out_tongue:
just hire a mamachari. shit’s legit!

Maybe pm 2Joes…? He lived there yeah?

If you need any info on riding in Japan BrakeFree/Kumo Cycles has it all: Fixed Gear in Japan - Kumo Cycles: Custom Bike Frames
I spent a good half hour reading this.

I’m in Tokyo right now, the cool fixy biek scene here is dying! Everyone is riding cheap shitty bikes now D:

get in touch with Nick @ Saint Cloud, and if you’re lucky he might hook you up with his peoples over there.

Hey don’t knock the love hearts!
(ALthough i have to admit they drive me f’ing insane each time i sign in!)
So how was your trip drozzy ???

Thinking of sending Swuzz Jnr to keirin school.

I did an Alleycat in Kobe on a Mamachari.