another stolen bike.

posting for a friend, who actually binned it pretty bad a while back and spent about a month in hospital. some years life just kicks you in the nuts, then keeps on kicking:

"Hi guys… not only did I stack my new bike, but now it’s been stolen from Collingwood! It will be replaced but if it can be found that will be better.

It’s a Scapin Dyesys in white (painted steel) & carbon. Size Med with TT measuring about 54cm. It is equipped with 2010 Sram Force 53/39 & 12/27, Pro stem, 3T handlebars, Deda Ultra carbon seat post, San Marco Aspide Glamour saddle in black, and Fulcrum Racing 3s. It has no pedals at the moment. The white bar tape is torn on the left side and there are a few scratches along some of the frame.

Please if anyone hears or sees anyting about a Scapin for sale please call the police.

If it’s not found I really hope that the thief comes to grief… no idea if there are any cracks in the steel frame"

will keep an eye out. Sram bikes deserve good homes.

i live around there, will keep an eye out.

A friend had his bike nicked from outside the park hotel in abbotsford about a month ago. Then a couple of weeks later another friend stumbled upon it one afternoon chained up on gertrude street, still exactly the same condition. One call to get a hacksaw down and a couple of minutes later he had his bike back. So there’s still hope!

imagine stealing a bike and then finding out it has no pedals.

that would be annoying.

a friend had a blue mixte stolen from out the front of her place on lennox st near bridge road on sunday too.

far too much of this crap hapenning.

Whats the deal, are these people locking up their bikes? or just leaving them all willy-nilly?

how are they getting stolen?

my friend d-locked it around her massive handlebars (she reckons)…they just undid them…took the bike and left the lock on the pole.

dumb really.

The Scapin was stolen from inside a business. Someone walked in, grabbed it, and left.

After helping a mate (snapped key in the barrell) cut through his lock, I recomend you invest in a VERY good lock…

From the time we got out of my car, removed lock, loaded bike and drove off* less than 1 minute had elapsed - and we took out time. Cut time was <10sec.

Not too mention passers by didnt seem phased.

*before you ask why he didnt ride off - office attire was already addorned.