Another The Age/SMH cycling opinion piece

i can’t read these articles anymore.

I genuinely hate that whore.

I love that motorists are 100% good people and should have free run of the roads because they are registered and therefore accountable:

Miranda devine is just trawling for hits. She’s a shock jock meets a troll and her “articles” for the Sydney Morning Herald are solely intended to garner attention and create interest were there wasn’t any. Sensationalism … that’s how she gets paid.

The big problem with that article is that some doofus is gonna take it for real and hear it as a calling cry. There really are motorists out there who are already pissed off with cyclists and articles like Devine’s in the SMH might help them tip over the edge into thinking it’s actually Ok to run a cyclist off the road or to squeeze them into the gutter.

That’s the real worry. Miranda Devine is so contemptuous of even her own readers she doesn’t care what they think or how they’ll react … she just wants to be news worthy. Her influence and the notion of her sentiments being expressed in the SMH might mean cyclists are injured by motorists who blur the lines and might lose all rationality. The Nazi’s did a similar thing by debasing people of the Jewish faith. Slowly through irrational and preposterous media campaigns almost a whole nation became openly supportive of xenophibia.

I’d like to see what others might suggest in taking the SMH and Miranda Devine to task. Do we have to wait for someone to die? If someone makes claims that may probably endanger my life as a cyclist then I’m happy to make life difficult for them. Few things would make me as happy.

We cyclists are many. Grouped together I’m sure we could not only make a bit of noise but also let them know who their fucking with. I’m not suggesting doing something silly, but doing many things smartly. We owe it to each other.

The idea of what we believe in is right and good … we have the right to use the roads and it’s of benefit to the wider society that we live in. Let truth prevail, and lets really make it news worthy. She started a ruckus … we can finish it. Anyone good at PR/Media/legal matters ???

Yellow 6t cogs for everyone! Raaaaay!

Godwin’s Law. </thread>

" The former roads minister Carl Scully, a vegetarian cyclist, threw $250 million at the lobby, further fuelling expectations which were dashed by subsequent roads ministers."

that pretty much sums the bitch up that she has to write shit like ‘vegetarian cyclist’ she’s just writing for the pay…

i love how the media sensationalise the 1 case of cycle rage but fail to mention the 1000’s of motor rage each day

i also like how the attacker was described as dressed like cadel evans and how they are all calling for cyclists to pay rego most of us also own a car and pay rego so i think that is pointless.

Although the insurance thing would be a good idea but i like the uk method of blame biggest vechile is responsible if car hit bike car at fault if bike hit ppl bike at fault.

I like how yet another thread has devolved into a discussion of fuckability. :roll: