Another The Age/SMH cycling opinion piece

I’m not really sure what the point of the article is. There is of course a cheap swipe at cyclists following the Sydney cyclist road rage incident.
The picture that accompanies the article doesn’t ‘help’ either…
It’s really quite a ridiculous illustration if you think about it! :roll:

miranda devine is the newspaper equivalent of kyle sandilands.

it’s a stupid article which huffs and puffs but makes no point except that ROADS ARE FOR CARS!!!11!!!

I’m reminded of the ring of large wheelnuts on bus and coach wheels.

If only he’d raped that bus driver - then he might have had her support. One can imagine her saying ‘riding in traffic is confrontational, aggressive, boys have to let off steam every now and then.’

She also doesn’t like vegan cyclists. :wink:

I read that whole article and now wish that i didn’t. Its so pointless, who really cares if a bus driver was a victim of ‘cyclist rage’, does that really warrant a weeks news attention and a massive newspaper article? If the rider is dumb enough to ride on a motorway in a bus lane then you really have to expect the odd close call anyway. Plus who really cares about the affairs of a bus driver? Get over it Sydney…

She’s just a sh!t-stirrer who’s too lazy to come up with a new argument and has regurgitated what has been said way too many times in the past. Good to see the majority of the comments left seem to be from the pro-cycling side telling her what a goose she is, which makes a nice change from the usual drivel

i thought the mystery man was in a blue helmet :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s just a Right Wing Troll, who lives under a bridge with her good friend Janet Albrechsten. Waiting to pounce on unsuspecting little children to wander by to gobble them all up.

I secretly want to have sex with Janet Albrechsten

yeah, just giving motorists further ‘reasons’ to hate. can’t believe this shit gets published… though it is the age.

the fact that she writes “The former roads minister Carl Scully, a vegetarian cyclist” (like being vegetarian is relevant) gives an indication of the calibre of the whole article.

I imagine you’d regret it, much like a male Pray Mantis regrets his first time.

i think you are correct, i think she’d be into some sick shit too.

Come here boy! :evil:

just found the original artist’s impression of the whole situation (he’s a cyclist too)

i want to take a shit on that whore’s face and top it off with a coating of my most dehydrated brown piss


Then she’d have you for lunch

A striking resemblance to Janet as well

Hey that does look like her!!!

I think this pretty much sums up Miranda Devine:

When i saw it i assumed the whole thing was a joke and i was laughing along. It was a few paragraphs before i realized and then i just stopped. I was so confused by the fact someone was actually expecting the shit to be taken seriously.