Another Wheelset q?

Hey guys,
New to the world of fixies, making the move from road, well for commuting purposes mainly (work and uni)…
Looking for at getting a 700c wheelset, rear flip flop (probably fixed/free), just want something sturdy, and not to flashy, (less steal-worthy). So Ive read velocity is popular, whats the best way to order them? Direct or locally or ebay (states).
I had a geez over at probikekit, and found an affordable set on there, anyone had any experience with these wheels, how would they go… Postage is cheap atm too, that and im looking at ordering a bit more road gear too.

I’m 97kg and hammer my deep v wheelset. They definitely are nothing flash but they take a good gutter bashing.
I’d recommend them as a cheap commuter wheelset.

They’re great for everday use. Most shops should be able to order you a set straight from the factory here in Aus.

Sounds good, just realised the additional postage cost on the PBK wheelset, still only $350 all up though. How much am i looking for Deep V’s roughly.

from what ive heard theyre about $400 a set at the mo. shop around and you should be able to get em a bit cheaper. $350 is a good price…

Whatever you buy, keep it true and tensioned and you’ll extend the life - or get away with lesser components.

This usually means checking and re-doing new wheelsets, machine built is not reliable!

Does anyone know the cheaper places to buy. I found this one.
Also, i think ill run a front break, are these wheels machined? Or should i run a deep v rear and a roady on the front? Rather than a pair? Thinking of just making this machine an oddball, rather than looking clean, more fun that way…

from the looks of it, those aren’t. however you can get deep-v’s machined. perhaps give them a ring and they can order some in. Though i recommend you go to an LBS first and see if you can order in wheels from there, most bike shops in Aus should be able to order them in. They come in a million colours and will probably be cheaper than the price quoted on that website… though that really depends on the bikeshop.

and yes you can run a ‘regular’ wheel on front.

($400 is way too much for deep-v’s btw)