Anotherrrrr VISP build.

My VISP build. Wanted a new bike to replace my cheap roadie conversion, and didn’t want to spend mega bucks either. Was gonna buy a fuji track classic, but ummed and ahhhed and wanted to build something myself. Thus- after lots of reading and establishing that a VISP frame + Alex G6000 ebay wheels where the best bang for buck in terms of $$$ i wanted to spend, here we are.

Frame: VISP 54cm Aero seat post model, with included seat post and headset and custom rattlecanned blue fade.
Wheelset: Alex G6000 with Formula hubs courtesy of eBay
Crank/BB: Eighth Inch 165mm Cranks 46T Chainring / Cheapo $20 BB
Sprocket/Locking: Sugino Fixie track cog system, 17t Sprocket installed
Chain: KMC Blue
Pedals/Straps: Odyssey Twisted / Skin Grows Back Straps
Saddle: Ebay Carbon Fibre special
Bars/Stem: Ebay bullhorns wrapped in black bar tape / RaceFace Stem
Brake/Lever: Tektro R530 / Tektro RX 4.1 / Blue cable

Cheap build, im happy with how it rides. weighs in at about 8kg on the bathroom scales. Much better than my conversion and didnt break the bank balance :slight_smile: I just want to get a new headset for it, because there is a tiny bit of play in it.

more pics…

for some reason i hate everything about this, cept the saddle

2 Question.

I like your build, in a way, but I was wondering how brakes go on a non braking surface?
Where did you get that Crankset? I really need one!

rizors, dem horns are hideous.
love that fade though

Thanks, brakes are fine on a non braking surface. I did have clear pads on there, like the BmX guys use, but
The squealed like a bitch so just put the black ones back on. Very grippy work great. Unless it’s wet.

Got the cranks from Gear Brisbane :slight_smile:

like the fade, but the two tone tyres are a bit much. and the horns are good. I hate rizors.

that saddle is awesome…! looks like you could “roll” your bull horns down abit…

i think the fade is too shallow, needs to be more gradual/longer. nice colours though

I did want it longer, but I accidentally dropped the can and snapped the nozzle off and I didn’t want to buy another lol

looks nice, well thought out. i thought the axles on those wheelsets were too short for these frames? did you swap yours out or is it the different track nuts that made it work?

Just got a longer axle. Easiest safest option!

Lies! just flip the nuts backwards like mine… still like that btw, lol

Geebuz look at the weld on those drop-outs!!

It needs way longer bullhorns. Those aren’t quite long enough.

No different to the ones you see on hillbrick pistas at velodromes or giant Bowerys.
I’ve ridden all 3 and can’t find too much to complain about ride wise other than they are all a typical harsh bone jarring low spec ally ride.
crabon fork helps.

Tig weld on aluminium will always be like that, its a part of the process, if you want pretty welds get TIG steel or fillet brazed

^+1. take 'em down bud. And swap the bar-end lever for a crosstop - who wants to ride on the extensions all the time? I really only use mine on hillclimbs or in a head wind.

yeah bars are rolled down. I dont mind the lever where it is currently, i very rarely use ut anyway, only for emergencies. And i use to love riding my roadie with drops on the hoods before i converted it, so i find it comfortable riding on the extensions. That being said, i’m trying to get myself out of that habit because im thinking about putting on a set of rizorz, im not real keen on it though.