Anticoast Hoodies

We only have a limited amount of these sweet Anticoast hoodies available, and we want you all to know they’ve just dropped in price to $80 on the dot.

Lovingly screen printed by myself and Nickj, these are in short supply and high demand.

We have the following in stock, so you’ll have to be quick!

S - 1
M - 2
L - 3
XL - 1

GO HERE QUICKLY to get your hands on one of these bad boys!

This is the print, and it’s on the back of the hoodie.

If i’m a 1.69m tall manlet, should I go for a small or medium?

get ya measurin tape out!

sorry, totally forgot to include this in the original post

Hmmmm I do need a new hoodie…

they’re great hoodies andy, we used AS Colour Stencil hoods for this print run.

here’s one in plain to give you a better idea.


I want one but I don’t have any money. These are the problems I have in life.

Now I’m all confused again, I thought it was OK to coast now?

I just can’t seam to keep up

or spell…

buy one of these, wear it whilst riding your ss/geared bike, all will balance out.