Any advice on Gios Stilo?

Hi folks,

Im looking at purchasing a new fixed gear, i’m currently riding a Reid Harrier, its not a bad basic ride but im looking for an upgrade. I found the Gios Stilo which in my opinion is a good looking bike, it will set me back $850 so i guess what im asking is if anyone knows how it rides. I havnt yet had the chance to take a test ride and im not the most experienced rider, anyone have any kind of opinion on the bike at all?

From reading up general concencus is that if it looks good and it feels good then go for it, i understand that but do like to get some experienced riders opion before i make what for me is a bit of an investment so any advice would be appreciated.

I prefer the Stilo not the Stilo Flat.

You’ll be amazed at how a new bike will feel, compared to the Harrier. Lighter, being the main huge difference.
Honestly, anything at all is going to be better than the Reid you’re currently on*.

Single speeds are everywhere, and most brands seem to have one in their line-up these days.
The Gios you’re looking at seems to have a decent components; the Sugino Crankset will last forever.

Best of luck with it, and I hope you enjoy your new ride!

*I know this isn’t 100% correct, and there are certainly worse options.

Cheers mate, its a beautiful bike i cant wait to get my hands on it.

I was under the impression that these are nothing too special frame wise. Plain Gauge cromo and taiwanese built like all the rest. Don’t be fooled by the Italian brand label.

As a hack/commuter I settled on a Kona Paddy wagon, butted Cromo at least, but it’s got a butt ugly sloping TT.