Any found a decent and cheap powder coater in Melbourne?

I’ve done so ringing around and somehow the best price i could get was 160 plus gst. I used to get frames blasted and coated for 40 bucks in Adelaide. Surely it can be cheaper than 160. Has anyone had any luck with a decent price or service they could recommend? Thanks.

Did you try Bell St powdercoating?

Welcome and try using the search function. It’s been covered here many times over the years.

There is a thread called powdercoatation which covers it

I’m in a good mood today - try A Class Powdercoating in Moorabbin.

+1. the reception lady is a bit odd, but they know what they’re doing (sent an alloy frame and they took three weeks to do it because they had to blast it really really really softly to get rid of the paint but not the frame) and aren’t too expensive.

That’s where I got mine done. They did a great job and were reasonable, from memory.

+1 for a-class. I did the big ring around when I was getting mine done and he’s the cheapest for sandblasting and powder coating. Good bloke too. His work looks great. He even went to the effort of cleaning out the threads on the BB and headset. WIN!

Thanks for your help guys, i’ll give A class powdercoating a shot.

Thanks. I seem to be having a little trouble with the search function.

True, she is a unique one!

So i found some guys called GB powdercoating who will powdercoat a frame for $10! That compares with some quotes i got which were 800% of that price. ALso, obviously the frame needs to be sandblasted prior, I managed to drop off the frame to some guys called thomastown sandblasting who will then deliver the frame to GB powdercoating from where I can then pick it up. The whole process will cost $60. Some of the quotes I got were $176, $220 and upwards from some other places

^ Report back on the quality.

^ waning to hear more about this $10 powdercoat job

I really struggled with the lady at a class powdercoating. very weird experience. i just dropped by today to check if they’d blasted the frame i’d dropped off two weeks ago because when i’d droppped it off she had been unable to give me ANY timeframe at ALL as to how long it would take and ended up getting it for free somehow, the shaven headed older guy told me to just take it, then I tried to pay the receptionist but she couldn’t handle the process, wanted the job description paper and wouldn’t do anything without it.
is it possible to get things done there without having to deal with the receptionist?
btw the prices she told me were around $55 for blast and $135 for powdercoat.

I don’t think there is anymore eh H.

I dropped a frame off at Bell St Powder Coaters last week and they quoted $180 and said they couldn’t start on it until the 18th of Jan, so I picked it back up. Coburg Powder Coaters are supposed to be good, but they said they’re not doing frames any more. Do I really have to go out to Moorabbin to get it done?

(FWIW - Savannah Powder Coaters in Darwin do a good job for $100)

Gripsport did one for me a couple of months ago for $150. It came up nicely for powder and took less than a week.

About five years ago I got a Masi (which look like billboards with all of their crazy logos and decals set under the clear coat that you can’t take off) sandblasted and powder coated at Pista Bikes in South Yarra. I don’t recall the exact cost but I think it was somewhere between $90 and $150. They obviously sent it out somewhere but it was a good job. Not sure if they still offer it or not. Sounds like there are a few options posted now though.

I had one done here in Adelaide earlier this year. blast and powder coat in two colours for $60.

The thread is called Powdercoation -

All interesting to know current costs and places that still coat frames. I had a frame powdercoated in a single colour by A Class in Moorabbin many years ago and was happy with the finish.

I am about to buy an old school Ergo that I plan on powdercoating. Will update the topic once done…