Any good mechanics around Sydney CBD these days?

I am needing to swap out a headset and am looking for best options for mechanic that ain’t gonna cost arm and a leg in Sydney CBD? Does one even exist these days, seems to just be all upmarket roadie bike shops slash cafes these days:(

is St Leonard’s near enough?

if so, look up FOA’s own, Cicli Spirito.

I have heard good things about Spirito, would love to try him but its just a little too far living and working (late) in CBD :frowning:
Was looking for somewhere I could drop off on way to work and pick up later.

CBD: your options are Atelier de Velo, Clarence St, or Jet Cycles. I think it’s pretty much roll the dice with these guys: me or someone I know has had an average experience with each of them.

Depending on where you live, you could try Skunkworks Bikes, that’s Zak in Bondi. He’d be flexible for pickup/dropoff times I reckon. Wheelhaus in Newtown might work for you, I hear good things about those guys.

But yeah, city rents have driven any little guys out. Although there is the mobile mechanic guy that Lemontimes sometimes works for. Might be worth dropping them an email, see what they can do. Wheely convenient!

The Rolling Fix will come to you - Cam and Tommy are nice blokes but don’t know the prices. Greg Chalberg at Wheelhaus used to work at Shimano and is a bit of a meticulous wizard. There’s also the body mechanic at Milsons Point. Zak is awesome for the super high end and potentially fiddly lightweight stuff. Spirito is a legend who’s great with a wrench and is totally upfront and honest about any work before he gets into the nitty gritty. I can also vouch for Zac and Peter at MC Cyclery in Maroubra - open until 7pm on thursdays but also open saturdays and sundays.

Was looking for somewhere I could drop off on way to work and pick up later.

You’ll be hard pressed to find somewhere that will do same day service unless only a tiny, tiny job.

+1 for obvious reasons. Will more than likely give you the best rate and will show up to your door :slight_smile:

The guys at cheeky in newtown are also good. and Omafiets in redfern.

Thanks everyone! A few places I didn’t know about, especially Wheely Convenient :slight_smile:

I used the 2 Scottish blokes in at Recycles (off Oxford Street) a few times but they have just moved their shop to out to Enmore Road.

Omafiets! Even if you’re in the CBD it’s so easy to ride there down Elizabeth st and through the park

+1 … Will at Omafiets is a champion.

can vouch for Skunkworks… top dude

I can vouch for everyone you mentioned too… There’s a lot of great mechanics in the greater CBD area if you know where to look.

But so long as you’re not asking them to do anything too complicated and you call ahead they should do a same day service.