Any one riding the Spring Cycle this year?

I might go and do this…

Spring Cycle | Ride the Bridge!

Routes here…Classic Ride - Spring Cycle 2013 - A bike ride in Sydney, New South Wales

It’s a fun ride if you’re prepared to take it slow and just enjoy riding some places you wouldn’t normally ride, otherwise it’s a fred and hubbard criterium/shitshow…

A mate of mine is doing it with his mum, but I don’t feel like forking out the cash to ride with people who tend to lack bunch/group/general riding skills.

Yeah I was thinking of doing it with a few mates that recently got a bike…were in it for the casual ride anyway…

My next door neighbour is doing it.

The 100 would be nice, but not at $1/km entry. Cutoff times enforced for that option, so at least you’re not likely to get once-a-year riders doing it.

Did it last year and quite liked it, just riding over the bridge on the street is quite nice. Other than that its really navigating your way through people who ride once a year so not quite sure if I’ll do it again. I like to support that kind of stuff as it shows off how many we actually are but its pricey as well for what you get. I do understand that they need this kind of money but where I’m coming from (Europe) stuff like that is for free. Paid for by the city, sponsors and they actually end up make money through selling stalls, food, and so on. Would have loved to get a group together to ride and having a bit of fun afterwards though. But it seems that understandably no one is really interested on here.

The year I did it I was clipped by a surfer dude in his Ute in stanmore onway to start. Did whole ride with front brake only On shitty mountain bike. I recommend not doing it like that. Too much blood! There was ‘workshop’ for adjustments at start but not repairs. Was fun screaming over the bridge with foot down weaving through families trying to stop!