Anygood ?

browsing thru one of those really small bike shops that have things hidden away from 50 years ago and found a Wolber TX Profil 32h, never been laced, no brake machining and an Ambrosio Elite 36h laced to a Sansin front hub but never put on a bike also with no brake machining. He wants $120 cash for the pair. A good deal ?

take em. don’t ask. stash em.

also, get an inventory of this place, write it down in code, put it in a safe and send it to me via armoured camel.

send the code key via pigeon. I’ll express you one.

  • Joel

Crap. He might have some gems at said shop; these do nothing for me though.

there is a nice aluminium Cannondale road frame hung in a corner, been forgotten there for a couple of years given the amount of dust on it. Alas, no track hubs.

What size is that Cannondale Frame?

considering I wrote mine off the other day, I’m in the market for a new one!

Joel, your reply made me spit my coffee out with laughter…you now owe me a coffee!!!

Looks like a 56-57. I can drop in next weekend and get some details and a picture if you want.

I’ll gladly buy you a coffee. Nice place around the corner from me!

  • Joel