Anyone care for a never ridden Cinelli Lazer or JP

Cinelli Laser Strada Ten Speed | eBay

1988 J P Weigle | eBay

Can anyone explain the brake levers… Look to be SR not C-Rec as per the group but they are have aero routing?

Its a real mix of parts,
wrong shifter, wrong brakes, wrong levers,
But still very nice

I’ll bet all I have that all the parts are original and it came exactly this way (per factory). Not all of the C-Rec was available or working when it came out (ie the brakes) hence the older Record model in lieu of the laughable Cobalto mock up’s (Victory brakes with a blue plastic jewel). And there may not have been any top mount levers other than the ones used.

As for older Record with aero routing, it wasn’t at all common but people modded them by drilling the lever body and adding another pin and roller higher up as a pivot and so to run the cable to the rear of the body (drilled again) and yet more drilling, through the bars (which we did back then without any failure’s that I recall hearing about). Here’s one shown on Ray Dobbins’ early Masi.