Anyone ever put in a pool or just own a pool.

I’m at the embryo stage of looking into putting in a below ground pool.
After 10 years it’s time to change the garden up.

We’re thinking salt water, below ground but if anyone has any pros/cons of different systems or even pool types, I’m thinking cement over fiberglass (for the aesthetics and also as I wouldn’t need a crane to get it into the back garden).
I’m looking at a (ballpark) budget of 40-50k

Just wondered if anyone had any advice?

is that how much pools cost?! holy fuck.


The best pool (also boat, holiday house etc) is someone else’s.

Get the inlaws to put one in and keep it clean and heated, turn up on nice days for a swim…

oh cheers, I ran some “pool” type searches on the forum and nothing came up.
Yea we held off on getting one but now the garden has kinda hit a point where it’s got to be done.
You can close this thread.