Anyone for a game of Bike Tag?

Sure was.


Given the multiple bikes in the last tag, I thought I’d do a mid tag bike switch

Went to the previous spot last night, and when I went see what the right angle was, mr ghostcar had the new tag. I DON’T KNOW WHERE THAT IS MANN! Hint?


Facebook the spot ev, I’m at uni tomorrow, and I want to grab it in the morning.

Dealio. What’s in it for me? A lift to Dunc Gray?

Ev: Don’t tell him where it is, and in future, don’t give a hint the following day.

Lorday: It’s your job to find it, and don’t ask for a hint the next day.

Oooh, here’s P!N20: biketag adjudicator all the way from sunny smelbourne.

P!N20, ever consider I’m leading them up the “Garden Path” Yeesh!


I vow to protect the integrity of the ancient and noble art of bike tag…

…and besides, nothing has happened in the Melburn version for over a week. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why we need to find this one quick, so I can start doing cool city ones that people will get and the game will go quick!

I think its around the corner from his house. Which makes sense, cos he doesn’t even ride anymore and most likely wheeled it outside for the pic :slight_smile:

Is there a specified time before a hint can be given? Wouldn’t want to contravene official FOA Bike Tag rules

There’s no specific rule, but I think you need to provide sufficient time for the rest of the community to see it/tag it.

Someone might know where it is, but might not be able to get it that day.

I always thought FOA was about fucking the rules.

Can’t wait to get one: Imma take it out west. Fuck all y’all.

Hawkesbury is still in Sydney!

and Wiseman’s Ferry is still in Baulkham Hills. That’s proper mental.

Yeah thats gold! I’ll ride into the city tomorrow with you, snap it ,then head WEST!

Sounds like a plan.