Anyone for a game of Bike Tag?


I’m new to Sydney. Anyone want to play bike tag?

I’ll start with something easy

How to play:
[li]Get a photo of your bike in the same location[/li][li]Get a photo of your bike in a new and (visually or historically) interesting location[/li][li]Post both photos![/li][li](Everyone then has to find the location of your photo)[/li][/ul]

Ghostcar made a rad map of the tags so far

I’m on this…


Im going to get this

There’s a familiar face from LFGSS!

Heh! Welcome to Oz.

Keen for this, though working 9-5 and SWMBO means I probably wont play alot!

Will be on this for sheezy. All my tags will be around the city just to keep it eazy :3

P!N20 never made it back?!

Looking forward to your photos, gumwall :slight_smile:

^ I’m nearly there! Just arrived in Echuca…

It’s a beautiful day! Someone get it - I want to play!

Someone get it, then move it closer to Surry Hills…

Sorry, haven’t been near there all week. Will try and get it tomorrow.

Almost 10 days, are we really that lazy?

If it’s there monday I’ll be taking it!

done and done! sorry for not bringing it closer to surry, the lights got the better of me :wink:

That’s gona be hard :wink:

I think I need a hint.

Yeeeehhaaaaa! Finally!

Was that the Friday night ride?