anyone from the goldcoast or brisbane????

does anyone wanna go rideing like saturday after 1pm

hey, sorry, I can’t ride this weekend, but am in Bris and would be keen for a ride next weekend. -JB

yer dude just message me with a time and place but im only young so i work every saturday from 10-1 but yer any time after that is good

Thursday night ride brother. Check ‘Meets’ thread.

ahah dammit i work every thursday night until 7pm
message me if your from the goldcoast and ever wanna go on random rides i have no one to ride with im allways going solo and i need to meet people who ride im still new to this and dont know anyone


This thread is going to get ugly i can feel it.

What’s that boy… what is it… it’s a full stop… shit you’re kidding. :evil: :smiley:

I think this is deja vu :roll:

Howdy guys,

I am from the bne but I am still building my bike, converting a late 80s peugeot into a fixie. Another week or two (or three) and I should be up for a ride :slight_smile: