Anyone going to NCXS or DDCX.

If anyone is going, user dfunkt has bought a crank/bb off me and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could take it and give it to him, if not he is happy to pay shipping. Just a thought.

See if -tim or alexb618 can do it, they’re staying with me and tate has a wheel to collect from my place too.

I thought alexb689069291 hates cyclocross.

I never said they were racing the cycling cross

would take it but im not so sure that the airport security nazis would allow that in hand luggage

The TSA won’t even allow an NDS crankarm, let alone something that looks like a medieval weapon.

i’ve been let through and denied because of the same item several times.
i like i can keep my allen keys, but a multi-tool with 4 allen and 1 phillips screwdriver is disallowed.

I got denied a set of spanners once - I joked they weren’t ratchet so disassembling the plane from the inside would be very slow - they didn’t see the funny side.

most of the security attendants are happy to chat and laugh, but then flatly deny me anything i want to smuggle or have smuggled previously. like my pedal spanner that went to tassie and back, then up to the goldcost, but wasn’t allowed back to melb…

I can put them in a mates bike bag - have PMd.