Anyone got any info on this make of bike??

So my friend needed a new bike and this was on ebay. I was swayed by the awesome paint job myself and thought it was super cool. So he bought it and its sweet. Campy EVERYTHING excpet rolls saddle, mavic rims and cinelli bars/stem
It was virtully unused so loads of the parts look mint new. The shifters, brake lever hoods, cranks, brakes look straight out of the box. All campy but i don’t know what era. Any ideas?
Anyway… so anyone know what Arrow is?? Can’t find much info. Original owner is in QLD, so maybe something from up there??

If it’s full Campy and really 531, don’t worry about it… its awesome :smiley:

Like spud said, who cares, nice group and nice tubes (even if it is stickers you still get cred) Ride and enjoy. Knowing a bit of history is nice though.

its a campy athena groupset. 1990 +/- 2 years.

pretty stuff… and a very good price considering its condition. i was tempted to by this bike for parts, but couldn’t be bothered in the end.

I looked at buying that bike too. There was a lot of set in rust on the group set (on the bolts mainly - not the main parts) and I couldn’t be stuffed spending the time cleaning the parts up.

Other then that it is a sweet bike.

Oh - I have never heard of Arrow.

Yeah we love it, there’s hardly any rust, maybe on like 4 bolts or something. I say “we” like its my baby, even though its not.

I know I’m gravedigging this thread, but if you contact Steve Hogg @Pedal Pushers / Cyclefit he’ll likely be able to tell you when it was built / who for. He was very helpful with a certain Everest web-lugged 753 frame.

What’s the serial # on the BB by the way? “KHxxxx”?