Anyone here know user: sfhenry?

Trying to chase up a purchase that’s gone awry/left me out of pocket.

If anyone knows him, could you please tell him to check his PM’s before he hits the highway in a cadilac with my twenty bucks, a packet of marly reds and a cheap grin.



Time for a feedback thread in the trading section?

^ agreed. obviously with any online transaction, Caveat Emptor, but best to try and weed out the scumbags with feedback +/-

+1 to sales feedback… i thought i nearly got ripped but it was my post office who were holding the goods

The difficulty is to make sure it doesn’t become a slagging forum. I suppose it could be limited to something like:

  1. deserved negative feedback where (a) someone rips you off or (b) they are deliberately misleading in their description of the goods;
  2. super positive feedback where someone is particularly and specially awesome and you want to tell the world;
  3. NOT mere moans and groans because it took 3 days longer to ship, had a small scratch, etc

lets make it ebay!

if someone is named and shamed for not paying up (the money should have been recieved before the item was sent in the first place) then you know not to deal with them. If someone has only one post, maybe you might think about buying off them. If you only send an item once you have recieved the money, dont sent money unless you trust somone to send the goods or organise meetups where possible there will be no problem.

The idea of a forum is to form a community not another online trading medium.

^ I agree. One of the better things about trading on here is the informal, friendly nature of it. And I can’t say that it is needed either – all dealings I have been involved in have been excellent (perhaps with the exception of my own sfhenry experience), and it’s been a good way to meet some of the people off the forum.

Every other single trade I’ve had here has been marvellous, and I’ve bought quite a lot of stuff here. Ethical postage, prompt delivery, when it works it works beautifully but its shit when someone screws it up.

On other forums I have seen there is a simple +1 system which is tallied up at the end of each month. Negative feedback can be given and names can be put on a bad trader list.

Bit more work, and not very fun, but can be worthwhile.